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How to sublease contract

Author: Published:2015-04-29 Views:623

To sublet, sublease contract signed what kind of problems we need to pay attention to. Below by Luoyang lawyer Xiaobian finishing your offer relevant content, I hope to help you.
In general, in addition to the lessee leased in the original contract agreed, within the term of lease to sublet, pay attention to the following points:
First of all, to obtain the consent of the original lessor's written consent of the housing part or all sublet.
Second, attention should be paid to sublease shall not exceed the original lease period.
Third, if the rent sublet sublease is larger than the original rent, the parties may agree to assign.
Fourth, the tenant to sublet, sublease shall enter into a written contract according to the relevant provisions and Subtenants, and according to the provisions of the housing area, County Real Estate Trading Center for the registration.
Fifth, the terms of sublease contract shall not go beyond the original lease contract terms.
Other issues should pay attention to the housing rental
Housing lease contract
Tenants in a housing lease contract, the contract must clearly set forth above terms, clear the rights and obligations of the parties leasing. If the lease use, lease term, liability for repair, alteration and termination of the contract, the signing of the sub tenant, liability for breach of these terms, the two sides should lease agreement, in order to avoid disputes arising in future rental process, causing unnecessary trouble.
Annex property fees contract
The lease agreement of the two parties, in addition to sign a formal "housing lease contract", for the equipment in the house, the lease period of water, electricity, coal, gas, cable TV, telephone, repair and other related costs of the property fund settlement and bear to write clear and detailed annex of the contract as its good, so give yourself bring unnecessary trouble.
Housing deposit problem
The tenant must pay a deposit in their own specific circumstances now clear the house or to sign the contract, the payment of housing rent deposit in consultation with the owners when good is a charge to pay three, or Oji Tsukemi and two pay four. Because when the rent housing rent at the expiration of the contract requirements, the owner is likely to damage to housing facilities or other conditions as an excuse to tall tenants deposit, the tenant caused unnecessary losses. Therefore, the signing of the lease contract, the two sides should indicate the number of working days after the expiry of the lease period, the housing and facilities without damage under the condition, the owner should refund the deposit.
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