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The reasons and Countermeasures of child support event disputes

Author: Published:2015-04-29 Views:569

In recent years, for the children do not support the elderly occur frequently, from the legal and moral aspects of how we should solve the maintenance accident disputes, the Luoyang lawyer and small make up have a look.
The rights of the elderly protection law, marriage law of our country have, on their duty but, in practice, because children do not support the elderly and the dispute or cause dispute meet the eye everywhere, the main maintenance man maintenance awareness is poor, uneven share of property. Below, Luoyang lawyer small details for your reasons and Countermeasures about maintenance disputes.
The reason to support frequent disputes:
A support person, low cultural quality, awareness of the rule of law and morality, the legal obligation to support parents as not essential, some even older people as a burden.
China's "marriage law" provisions of article twenty-first, children have the duty to support and assist their parents. It can be seen, maintenance obligations directly from law, legal obligation of every child. But some children think parents, not belong to the category of moral condemnation, no violation of what the law, not willing to admit their own maintenance obligations of parents.
Two children, because of the uneven distribution of family property, the usual accumulation of anger on alimony disputes.
China's rural life is the widespread separation of the parents in children after marriage. In the separation, because of the economic situation and the family parents of their children (especially the concept of love degree) differences and other reasons, in the division of property is not average. Some children think, in the housing when parents are eccentric, then in anger, the aged parents need support, to increase the unfair distribution on the grounds, refused to perform their duties.
Three, the children also frail, no ability to do their duty.
With the improvement of life expectancy, in some families in the two generation needs child support, which should be overwhelmed as child support obligations. Especially for the one-child family, children tend to burden themselves and their spouses and parents and other life of the elderly, and bloated.
Four, under the influence of feudal thought, parents remarry often been children against children, in order to refuse to support their parents.
With the progress of the times, the elderly who are no longer so difficult. But under the influence of feudal thought, some children feel their parents' remarriage thoughts is a shameful thing, against their parents' remarriage. Often parents remarried, is no longer involved in what their parents, some requirements to sever ties with parents.
Five, the "family support agreement" caused part of the children of parents not duty.
In China's rural families with many children, families are mostly. Sometimes in the family elders of the proposal, the brothers reached the separation agreement, the care of their father, who raised the mother. The father or mother died, the father or mother to child support obligations, often to the agreement would not be his support of the parents do not do their duty. This phenomenon is widespread in the rural areas.
To reduce the dispute from the following aspects:
1, carry forward the traditional virtues of zunlaoaiyou, establish good socialist morality. Is the traditional virtue of respecting the virtue, however in some rural areas is gradually weakened. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously carry forward the traditional virtues, forming good morality respecting and caring for the elderly, eradicate breeding do not support the old phenomenon of soil.
2, strengthen legal education, improve the legal awareness of caring for the elderly. China's "elderly Protection Act" and the "marriage law" to support the scope and maintenance obligations are made clear, in this regard, organizations at all levels should cooperate with each other, carry out legal propaganda, make laws and regulations relating to maintenance in rural areas, the elderly people understand the rights and interests are infringed upon by law the weapon to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. At the same time can be combined with the actual case, with the promotion of family planning policy, change the rural common "raise children for old age good" of the old ideas, establish a new concept of "fewer children are more likely to care".
3, improve the rural social security mechanism, to encourage more people to join the rural social endowment insurance. The dependent child support based on blood relationship of support to, lag of the reform of the social security system, and vigorously promote the rural social endowment insurance is more adapt to the current social development needs. At the same time, the establishment of rural areas should be more concerned about the elderly Working Committee, run nursing homes, the establishment of pension fund, to ensure that the elderly enjoy the most basic living conditions. Civil affairs departments should also play a role, through system engineering, to enable the elderly to achieve a sense of security, dignity.
4, actively play the role of grassroots organizations, found that the family support disputes timely mediation, dispute will be resolved at the initial stage. The grass-roots mediation committee, village committee and other departments should be based on the maintenance of the socialist spiritual civilization construction, the stability of the rural society, earnestly support and mediation work, found the problem to do mediation, timely treatment, help the elderly as soon as possible to solve the maintenance problems. At the same time, to support the elderly behavior should be carried out criticism and education, to play the role of warning education to the villagers.
5, properly handle the maintenance of rural disputes, expand the handling of social effect. The people's court should give full play to trial functions, strengthen the relationship of maintenance, abandonment