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Luoyang lawyer: grandpa to the house to the grandchildren transfer process

Author: Published:2015-04-29 Views:641

Now many families, there will be a phenomenon that grandparents are generally love their grandchildren, always want to give them all the good things, the house is now more valuable, and the children grow up, with real, want to get married so that grandparents thought, his older, keep the house with nothing, gave grandson married (granddaughter)? Although the house is sent, but also have to handle the relevant formalities for the transfer of the house can be really send out, then, Grandpa will transfer the house to grandchildren what procedures? What are required to pay cost? Luoyang lawyer to give you a detailed explanation.
Answer: according to a Luoyang lawyer friends said, Grandpa house for grandchildren to transfer, to grant legalization.
Notarization, must carry the following information:
1, the applicant's identity card, residence booklet;
2, the gift of property ownership certificate;
3, the gift property belonging to the common, should provide the common right and that there were people with gift ideas;
4, the contract of gift or gift certificate;
5, notary shall provide that other materials.
Note: (1) the applicant in the gift contract notarization refers to the donor and donee of both sides, in the gift book in the notarization refers only to the gift party.
(2) the applicant for the notary shall go to the notary office to handle.
For the real estate gift notary, need to pay attention to the following matters:
1, the gift of the gift is the gift of housing must all personal legal property. If the gift gift houses belonging to the donor and spouse (or others) common property, the donator shall be with a spouse (or someone else) signed the contract of gift and jointly bid for the notarized or made a total of his written consent.
2, signed a contract of gift must be voluntary, must be said true meaning, if because of malicious collusion or by fraud, stress as a result of the true meaning of the expression, it may lead to the donation contract is invalid, the notary office may revoke the certificate.
3, not to sign the contract of gift to evade taxation or perform other statutory obligations, otherwise, which leads to the loss and the consequences borne by the applicant himself. Notary office can revoke the certificate.
4, if the true meaning of the gift is the gift of the house only gift to the recipient of all individuals, not as the recipient and the spouse of matrimonial property, the donator shall be made "the gift of housing only as the recipient of personal property, not as the recipient and the marital spouse property" means the written contract of gift.
5, the contract of gift certificate of receipt, registration of transfer procedures need to be immediately to the relevant departments of the government transfer registration procedures, such as gift for real estate, vehicles, and other property ownership need to relevant departments to handle the registration formalities. If not promptly accept the gift, not timely to apply for transfer of registration procedures, once the unexpected consequences of their own responsibility by the parties.
6, if the property given to the minor, according to the "civil law" provisions of the gift, the guardian unless the interests of minors shall not dispose of the property.
Do the housing grant to the notary, housing and Urban Construction Bureau to complete the housing transfer procedures.
To prepare materials for the property transfer:
(1) the transfer of real estate registration application form;
(2) the identity certificate of the applicant;
The required materials: Id original and a photocopy of ID card. If you are married need a marriage certificate and a copy of an original, the original real estate license; if there is a wife who can't attend it, you must first write a book to Justice Bureau commissioned notary, and a copy of the account.
The buyer need: Id original and a photocopy of ID card, residence booklet and a copy, if you are single, need to go to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to open a single proof.
(3) the real estate right certificate;
(4) certified real estate gift book;
(5) other documents prescribed by laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents.
Handling process: real estate transfer application materials to the real estate bureau, real estate bureau will give a receipt, in accordance with the receipt of the above list date to pay taxes, usually about fifteen working days. The transfer of property tax after can nadaofangchanzheng.
Luoyang lawyer for you share.