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Luoyang lawyer: mutual respect for each other family, affection

Author: Published:2015-04-29 Views:543

Today, Luoyang lawyer small as you share a mutual respect for each other family, affection appeal from the allowed, hope to have a more close understanding.
Marriage is not only a couple of two people together, more is the combination of two families. The couple are not mutually respect each other's family, and eventually only hurt feelings, lost marriage. Recently, Jiangxi province Yujiang County People's court together with the divorce dispute case, the court granted the plaintiff and the defendant in divorce: Wang Tiankai Xia Linyan; the original, the defendant sons raise directly by the defendant the plaintiff Wang Lin, the judgment defendant Lin female pay a monthly alimony 220 yuan onwards, and before 31 December each year pay the amount payable in the past year; adult children by their own choice of mother's father.
The plaintiff and the defendant Wang Lin in 2009 May, working in Shenzhen met fell in love after a year and a half for the marriage registration, marriage a year will have a son. But after the birth of a child suffering from jaundice, hair. In child rearing and treatment methods, the defendant and the plaintiff Wang Lin family have great differences. Kobayashi said, as a father, grandfather and grandmother should take scientific methods to treatment, they can not go to the regular hospital to the son of a doctor, but please take what indigenous acupuncture quackery, don't let the children eat breast milk, the child scarred. Since then, Lin and her family have the barrier. In order to live, the defendant Kobayashi in three months after the birth of his son, he returned to work in Shenzhen. Kobayashi outside the workers during the first three due to fights with colleagues and was expelled from the company, the plaintiffs have a lot of persuasion, but the defendant and the plaintiff and the defendant no convergence, often quarrel because old habits, the two sides of the emotional cracks.
In 2012 August, Lin's father accidentally broke his thigh and needed money for treatment, the plaintiff Wang not only pay even a condolence call no, my parents always regarded him as a son at this attitude, let her husband Xiao Lin was very scared. In 2013 April, May, the plaintiff Wang Tiankai's grandpa, grandmother passed away, the plaintiff has repeatedly calls to the defendant and the defendant Kobayashi home, sent 1000 yuan fare, but the defendant has refused to go home. Husband and wife two people because they do not respect their own family, there is a contradiction. ".
After the Spring Festival in 2013, the plaintiff Wang Tiankai who returned to work, the defendant Kobayashi because of poor health and to take his son to stay in Hubei home. As a husband, father of the plaintiff but rarely call and ask about his sick wife and young son, but repeatedly called to his wife and father-in-law to divorce, and put forward a divorce proceedings to Yujiang County People's court.
The court of first instance, marital affection is the basis for granting a divorce. Because the plaintiff couples not to divorce court, the defendant agreed to divorce, the court on the plaintiff's request for divorce support. With the upbringing of children help children growth principle, in this case the plaintiff, the defendant bear the son of the defendant now form a more stable family life, the feelings of family and the defendant, the defendant Party raised more conducive to its growth, so the court to raise their children by the defendant appealed to support the plaintiff. Accordingly, make the verdict according to law.
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